Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What do we eat??!!??

At my desk. 2 pm. Time for some sugar, me thinks. And what could be better than Guava remind me of Hyderabad and guavas and maaza all at the same time...(of course, if you have read my earlier blogs you'll know that maaza is now made in holland.. Two huge gulps later, me reads ingredient list. Water, guava puree, citric acid, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CARMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm taking about, read about carmine on wikipedia. I did, and grossed myelf out even more. For those of you whose love for carmine containing products exceeds your natural curiosity, then please don't read about it. I've been kind enough to omit the details in my blog.

But seriously, it is extremely difficult to find packaged food without a long list of ingredients that I thought belonged in Chemistry labs.

You think you are buying dried apricots...well you just got some sodium sulfate and potassium sorbate for free.

You thought that you were buying apple pie. Well, you just bought some 30 other sulfites and carbonates and what nots along with it. If you want apple pie with just flour, water, butter, sugar, apples and cinnamon; you have to pay at least 100% extra for it.

I have even trouble buying a pack of tortillas with less than 20 ingredients on it ( I mean - we make rotis in India with flour and water. Maybe oil and salt as well. Right??)

And of course the omni-present high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, all kinds of other junk, soy products.... ( really, soy is not good for you. Read *) And anyway soy was never a major component of human diet until recently. Those of you who are convinced ( even if it is simply because you like me), good for you and your health. Those of you I can't convince, no point wasting any more space trying to do so.

So many things to avoid that it is simpler to cook one's own food most of the time....and of course I buy all my desserts at Whole Foods ( really love their clean ingredient lists on all their cakes and pies and cobblers - and they taste amazing too!! Esp. love the cherry cobbler and carrot cake)

Anyway, the mango sherbet in the fridge is really calling out me...gotta go now and do right by it!!!!! And yes, I do consume way more sugar than is good for me....

* Thanks to my aunt for the helpful link


Akshay Rajagopalan said...

Interesting write-up, though I'm not sure I'll stop drinking mazaa or other similar stuff. I'd prefer living a few years less to giving up stuff I relish.

Googoo Baby said...

Well at least maaza is not harmful for the health...(carmine imparts the red color to the guava flavor - and it is how carmine is manufactured that I find objectionable. I don't plan to quit drinking the mango flavor!!)...
but you can go ahead and drink it without worrying about shortening your life span!!