Sunday, September 03, 2006

I am not fond of SUVs

My previous post may have conveyed an image of me as an angel with a halo around my head, radiating sweetness and light. Well, I am assuredly not.

A white, blond ( note: blond alone does not imply white any more. When you see blond hair, your first thought should be, maybe it's Nordic, and then your second thought should be, maybe it's L'Oreal), female in a huge red SUV ( don't know what kind...they all look big and scary to me) rear-ended into my car yesterday.

The long sentence doesn't impactfully conveyed what happened, so I repeat: A big SUV rear-ended into my car yesterday.

Venue:- Stonebriar Mall in Frisco ( huge mall, even huger parking lot)
Time:- ~ 1.30 pm on Saturday Afternoon

What happened:- I had just turned into the parking lot, when this lady backs out of her parking space and doesn't stop - just keeps going....and for the record, I had the right of way. I mean what can I do? Brake??? I just accelerated and swerved out of her way, but she still bumped into my car. So I gesture to her, park, and am about to get out, when I see that she put her car in drive and just drove away in the opposite direction. The nerve!!! I do have her license plate number though. 411MFK

It was quite some time before I could find a parking spot to inspect the isn't bad, a few scratches, and I may not call the insurance company: because I have a bigger dent elsewhere (entirely my own doing - poles and narrow parking spaces don't go well with a novice driver*) , and that already knocks off enough value of my car such that these scratches don't add that much incremental depreciation. And plus I really don't have time for this sort of thing. I know God has a bigger plan to dole out retribution to SUV drivers.

Really, I don't see the point of's almost like the moment people out here have kids** they need an SUV to go along with it. In almost every scenario a Camry or an Accord will be sufficient - but no, it's the thing to do, almost as essential as diapers and prams.
In addition, SUVs are unsafe for the following reasons:-
- It has been suggested in some studies that SUVs are more unsafe for children than regular cars.
-Drivers of SUVs typically have an extremely restricted field of vision while reversing out...not only do they rear end into other cars, there have been several instances where they have rear-ended into a helpless little child/puppy/kitten
-Drivers of SUVs also can't see small cars in front of them on this instance some relatives of mind had slowed down and stopped when the light turned yellow...and a lady in a big SUV just whammed into them from behind. The car was totalled. The offender paid the medical claims and stuff...and said that she just didn't see their car in front of her. Gosh I mean...not seeing a car in front of you? Doesn't that, like, disqualify you to drive or something?
-Drivers of SUVs, in several cases, assume they can get away with anything just because they have a big car...including swerving into my lane ( has happened to me. I mean, they must have a HUGE blind spot), driving hands free...and numerous other offenses as described in detail in an earlier blog of mine.
-Most SUVs I see on the freeway are driven by obnoxious, potentially drunk men, or hassled single*** women

Plus, SUVs really guzzle gas and are just bad for the environment.

Anyway, no point hating something that I can't do anything about. So here's the Plan of Action:
- I am going to be indifferent ( as long as I am not driving)
- I am never going to buy an SUV
- No, not even if I have two kids
- No, I won't even let my future husband buy one
- Yes, I will leave him if he does
- I won't think about SUVs any more today.

* I am not a novice any more..several months have passed and I am much more confident driver these days)
** Sometimes people buy them at about the same time they decide to get pregnant
*** Single as in alone in the car. Typically they are married with 2-3 kids


Akshay Rajagopalan said...

Not able to see cars in front! How the hell do they drive? Guess you should include this in your matrimonial:
"Wanted a tall/short/dwarfed, handsome/ugly/grotsque, fair/wheatish/black, obese/thin/emaciated, rich/miserly/poor, SUV-HATING boy."

Googoo Baby said...

Well, I guess in many cases their brain kind of blocks out all small cars that are "down there" and not in their direct line of vision....and how do they drive?? Not that well.
Thanks for writing up my I just have to find a good site to post it :-D

RadioActive Ray said...

How about a Hummer or a Humvee- Texan ishtyle? Once inside- they are pretty safe and you can bully anyone on the highway. SUVs are blah in front of a H-3. ;)

Save the planet- go hybrid!!!