Friday, September 01, 2006

Things that make life really worth living

Life. What are the moments that really made me happy? Getting into IIT was a big ego boost, and felt great, sure.
So was getting a job in the US.
But really, what really make my life worth living, and allow me to maintain
sanity despite being stuck in a grey cubicle 40-45 hours a week, are moments of inexplicable bliss, that pass as suddenly
as they arise. Experiences that offer momentary glimpses into something that transcends everyday existence; that I cannot do justice to with words.

Some examples:-

1. The feeling I get when I suddenly see a bunny hopping across my path.
2. Breathing the clean air in the nature preserve, and watching the birds fly and butterfiles flutter by. (Sorry...couldn't resist that phrase)
3. Unexpectedly finding a brook/river in someone's backyard
4. When I see the trees and the horses and the church and the tollway co-existing in a picture perfect frame
5. When someone else's baby gurgles and coos at me, and offers me its puppy dog doll called BoBo
6. When my family does something really touching
(there was originally a long list of things out here but I realized it's too personal to post on the internet)
7. When someone makes me something with their own hands
8. When someone really gets what I am trying to communicate while playing Schubert on the piano.

And here's where you can find some of it

1&2: Any Nature Preserve in the DFW Metroplex
3. Frisco, Irving...
4. Near Willow Bend Mall
5. Happened to me in IKEA
6. Transcends space and time
8. tell me!!


Akshay Rajagopalan said...

I 'll differ partially here. While the things you've mentioned (esp.1,3,4,5, 7), help you stay sane, it's the bigger things like IIT and the job that make life worthwhile.

Sushmita said...

Preeti, happiness and all. that's really really complicated. it's not the big things or the little things alone. and at other times it could be neither, just going abt our mindless routine could be satisfying. so i don't know what to say. maybe it's all within us.. but then what puts something within us?

RadioActive Ray said...

Too bad your birthday just went by .. or else #7 could have been a possibility. Good writing Preeti!

abh said...

hi,it feel good to go through the original ideas that u have the worth of life is conditional or not?.