Sunday, October 08, 2006

India Trip 2006 – Second Installment

Wow!! Cars in India are so small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my Camry, I used to feel dwarfed among all the SUVs on the Tollways of the DFW metroplex – I am sure that in Hyderabad a Camry would be one of the few larger sized cars.
Otherwise, I was just overwhelmed. Everything. The traffic. The pollution.

I was hardly at home for 2 days, when it was time for all of us to go to Coimbatore to see my grandparents.

The journey was painful because I fell sick on the train. However, the redeeming virtue of the journey was a 3 year old boy who was traveling to Ernakulam with his grandfather. So cute! Such a well behaved child. His Malayalam was very fluent, but only knew a few words of English. Amma was the translator, since she is the only one in our family who can understand Malayalam. He had just one colouring book, and didn’t even have any crayons or colour pencils. However, he was so happy with it. He was showing it to everyone and demonstrating which colour was to be used where. He was very content eating plain rice, plain idlis, and just one potato chip. He also sang really well; Malayalam songs and English rhymes. Like several of us Indians as children, the first part of the rhyme is quite articulate, but becomes increasingly incoherent. One two buckle my shoe was fine, but soon it degenerated into five six, pi uh se, seve ei lay e say…so cute!!!! I remembered my sister as a child, singing “Ranja brija fallin thon, fallin thon, fallin thon, ranja brija fallin don, all le ooli…” in perfect pitch, with a perfect Malayali accent!!!

In fact, the cute boy used to point at transmission wires and call them London Bridge. We must have passed by dozens of London bridges from Hyderabad to Coimbatore.
I wish had taken some pictures of his adult-like expressions, and recorded his voice. However, I was too occupied with wiping my constantly watering nose.

By the time we arrived in Coimbatore, an hour late, I was totally fatigued with the journey. We reached Brindavan, the place where my grandparents are staying, not a moment too soon!! It is on the outskirts of Coimbatore Beautiful, breathtaking. Will post some pictures with captions soon, because I don’t think I can do justice to it.

We have several relatives in Coimbatore, so we had to visit them. I don’t like Coimbatore city itself. Narrow roads, very polluted air that only aggravated my cold/cough. I would NEVER live there.

Back to Hyderabad via Air Deccan. Thank Goodness I didn't have to endure another 21 hour train journey!!

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Usha said...

Hey, u did not mention the momentous (:D) meeting. That would've been the thing I'd write abt, if i were u. Might actually on my blog soon :)