Sunday, October 08, 2006

India Trip Third (and final) Installment

Note - post updated on Oct 18. However, I changed the display time so that all the India trip posts appear together

Finally I got to stay in one place for a week. All I did was laze around, eat, sleep, laze around some more, and periodically make trips into the city for my pollution fix.

I love our house. Especially our backyard, front yard and sideyards. Pictures speak louder than words, so I will eventually get around to posting lots of pretty pictures out here.

A lot of food was bought for me to bring to the US. A lot more than I could possibly eat. So my DFW friends: please, please, call me and drop by any time for your share!! It'll be in my fridge for a long time.

I watched a lovely movie - Ladies in Lavender. Joshua Bell plays the violin for the soundtrack, and I must say that it is poignantly beautiful.

I read Eragon by Christoher Paolini, and bought it's sequel, Eldest, to read on the return flight journey. Really enjoyed the book. Very well written; and of course I love fantasy tales with dragons and elves and what nots in any case.
He's my age, and has written 2 best selling novels. Makes me feel like an under-achiever. But look at the bright side, what's the poor guy gonna do when he's 50? Unless he is another of those prolific writers like Terry Pratchett or P.G Wodehouse.

I couldn't believe how short my visit was. Just as I was recovering from cold, cough and adjusting to and actually relishing the food ( I never use tamarind in my cooking; but it's pretty much unavoidable in traditional South Indian dishes like rasam and sambhar. Plus, I usually eat only sweet things for breakfast - so eating roti sabji or sevai also takes getting used to), it was time to return. NO Comment on our company's vacation policy.

Anyways, it was a painful journey. 2 hr flight from Hyd- Delhi. FIFTEEN AND A HALF HOURS from Delhi - Chicago. 2.5 hrs from Chicago to DFW. Plus all the waiting in airports. Checking in bags. Checking them out. Going from Delhi's domestic to International airport. Again removing bags in Chicago to go through customs.

By the time my aunt picked me up in DFW, my whole body, each and every joint was ACHING!!!!!!!! Not to mention my poor, stressed out right wrist. All that pulling of luggage off of conveyor belts. I need to get married to a nice, strong* guy who will travel with me everywhere and handle my luggage. Or, there need to be more coolies around. Even in Indian airports. Of course, I try to look helpless** and all so that someone helps me out a bit, and someone did help me put my luggage on my cart in Chicago, but its too much to expect unsolicited help each and every time one has got to move a suitcase from Point A to B.

My dearest aunt had cooked a wonderful lunch for me. She also massaged my poor aching wrists and legs. God bless her.

It took me two full days to get over jet lag. I woke up at 7.15 today, so I know I am back to normal :-D

*Chivalry, and concern for his piano playing - therefore needs to protect her wrists - wife is probably more important than actual physical strength. After all most airlines allow only 23 kgs max per suitcase and if a guy can't lift that a couple of inches....well, no comment.
** Being young and majorly underweight does help in perpetuating this image.


Akshay said...

You must print this (and your SUV article) and ask your prospective husband (coolie?) to sign an I Agree box at the end. Wow! I'd love to see your matrimonial.

Googoo Baby said...

In fact, I might just post my matrimonial on my blog :-D

deepti said...

hahahahahahahahaha i nearly died laughing!! LOVE your posts! and thank you for putting them all together!! :) :) :)
yes yes, strong boy to lift luggage sounds like such a useful and handy accessory to life! i must consider this..after all i intend to travel a bit (what's life without travel?)

Googoo Baby said...

Deepti, thank you for reading!

tnc said...

haha :D... glad my chair has arm rests, so I wont fall off laughing...