Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Crusade begins!

This an awakening especially after viewing the DVD "An Inconvenient Truth"!!The Genesis happened at Gunrock in a cold room one Saturday afternoon (6th January 2007) soon after the DVD arrived by courier. My daughter's gift to me for my 50th birthday finally arrived!! Am deeply impressed with the quality and content of the movie! Let us take collective action!


Jo said...

Go Go Go!!!
'An Inconvenient Truth' really is an awakening movie. Three cheers to Al Gore too. I wish the Americans had the sense not to let the country go to THE BUSHES!
I'm sure things are going to change for the good if do our little bit.

Googoo Baby said...

The Democrats are finally back in power!! Let's hope they make of these two years, because who knows what the next election will bring.