Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter wonderland

As I stepped out of my apartment yesterday morning, I was greeted by the marvelous sight of icicles clinging to every branch of every bare tree. The morning sun shone through, suffusing every icicle with a golden light. Perhaps it is what a tree in heaven would look like, radiantly shining with the miraculous dawn.
Unfortunately, it was below freezing and once in my car, I didn't feel like going back to get my camera :-)
At lunch, it was as though every tree was now decorated with silver tinsel, that reflected different colours of the spectrum from different angles.
With the current rate of global warming, I wonder how many more below-freezing winter days Dallas will experience.
All I can say is, we human beings have no right to destroy this beautiful planet.


Vijaya Gopal said...

Greenhouse gases being the culprit is well documented now. Recently there was a report in New Scientist 8 April 2006 issue which reports the warming of Antarctica. The surface temperatures are rising and melting the ice over there rapidly. Even the temperature in the atmosphere is increasing at the rate of 0.7 deg C per decade over the past 30 years.
The way we perceive beauty is changing!! You are in “Winter wonderland” because of global warming!
Hindu recently reported that global warming could mark the end of one of Africa’s wild life (wildebeest) whose trekking across east African plains is threatened because of drought!!
Vijaya Gopal

Vijaya Gopal said...
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