Saturday, March 03, 2007

Arise and Shine!!

Durga Vihar, Trimulgherry, 4th March 2007, 4.50 a.m. – 6.30 a.m.
It was a cool and dark morning. A lizard clambered onto the window pane as the door was flung wide open. We came out frantically, looking up at the starry sky. A dull-orange-brownish-red pot with a silvery edged slanting upper arc met our eyes on the dark western sky. Awesome amber for a while; face of a burnt gingerbread-man. The palm leaves rustled gently guarding either side of the silver spectacle. Slowly emerged the sliver of silver from the pot taking a peep at early dawn! The descent on the horizon as silver seemed to grow and glow at the break of dawn. The lake by the mosque, echoing with prayer was transformed! The spectacle was doubled, joy tripled, reflection transcended by a dozen ducks dotting the waters at dawn. The birth of a girl…awake!


Anonymous said...

Extremely SPECTACULAR!!! I like the composition, very descriptive:) Waiting for more,
Your admirer,

Anonymous said...

You've given me a brilliant idea!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU. Delicious words HhhMmmmmm....

Akshay said...

I've always wondered how people describe nature. I thought you were a pretty straightforward writer who calls a spade a spade; but you're now exalted to the status of an author. Bravo!

Googoo Baby said...

Akshay, don't know if you realized that my Mom wrote this post!