Sunday, March 11, 2007

What can we do about global warming?

As inhabitants of the Blue Planet, we must make an effort towards halting global warming!

We are aware that his is affecting each one of us in many ways. Working towards this is bound to make a difference in the quality of our lives that can be enriched by having a clean environment. By reducing the use of fossil fuels such as coal, kerosene, petrol, and burning of leaves, plastic and rubber, we can decrease the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, methane etc. Let us work consciously and take collective action now! Better late than never! Sounds familiar? But read on.

11-point plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
Applicable especially to Indians and Citizens of the Blue Planet as well!!

1. Use water consciously; do not leave the taps open. Residential colonies do not need rivers or rivulets! Use a low-flow shower contraption if you have one; discourage use of bath-tubs. Conserve water. Water is scarce. This is a resource that is shared with billions all over our country!

“Conserve energy and water” should be our motto!

2. Reduce wasteful consumption; Recycle and segregate combustible and non combustible waste material such as newspapers, tin cans, glass, cardboard, metal objects etc. Take back grocery bags and use cloth/recycled-paper bags. Encourage your child to take a basket (or bag which you have already collected) to get single items from the kirana shop. This can be used repeatedly. Using plastic bags, especially low-guage ones can harm the environment particularly flora and fauna- more importantly grazing cattle, dogs and goats!

3. Switch over to a fuel-efficient car; use energy-efficient gadgets; easy in the West? Service your car, keep your tyres inflated. This saves fuel and expenditure considerably.

4. Use cycles, public transport such as auto-pools, car-pools, van-pools, buses, trains, #11 etc. Minimize domestic and trans continental air travel. This alone contributes to one third of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions!

5. Most Indian cities, especially Hyderabad, have a relatively uniform temperature throughout the year. In Hyderabad, April and May are the hottest months of the year!
-Reduce wasteful consumption of electricity.
-Turn off extra lights within and outside your homes.
-Use energy saving bulbs.
-Turn off your TV sets/computers if not in use for long.
-Use the cooler/air conditioner sparingly only if it is a must. This automatically brings your electricity bills down.
-Be less extravagant at weddings! Discourage the use of extra lighting/crackers always!
-Community fireworks are not healthy to the environment either!

6. Decrease the temperature setting on your washing machine. This reduces your electricity bill each month.

7. Use or switch over to solar energy heating systems.

8. Make localities greener by planting more trees.

9. Save energy at work. Turn off extra lights. Most places in India, especially Hyderabad, are sunny most of the time. Make use of natural light wherever you may be!

10. Talk to your friends about WHAT WE CAN DO to reduce pollution, avert climate change and thereby protect our environment from further damage.

11. Find out what our government is doing for the environment and what you can do to contribute to the government’s efforts to protect our EARTH!!


Some of you may have come across related information on the world-wide-web. I draw my inspiration from the Oscar award-winning documentary film AIT and feel it is my moral responsibility to wake up people from their slumber!
This has been a particularly “warm weekend”!!

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