Saturday, September 01, 2007

On getting older

Today, as I lay in my bed in that delicious stupor between sleep and wakefulness, a thought crossed my mind:
As I grow older, will I remember what it was like to have the mind of a child? What it was like to be a teenager? Will I remember what my thoughts were in the 20s? My passions, my fears and my concerns?

I have decided to document a few things now, preserve them for posterity, so to speak
(or until nuclear Armageddon, global flooding, and sudden destruction of all the world's internet servers)

I worry about losing hair
I worry that I worry too much which in turn causes me to lose more hair.
- that I will be afraid of challenges
- that I won't be able to do things by myself
I worry that I haven't made more efforts to be more self sufficient (for instance that strength building class that I've been intending to take for the time when the airlines again increase the baggage allowance to 32kgs/suitcase. Or the swimming class that will help me swim ashore when my plane crashes into the sea...)
- that some day all the good things I take for granted will no longer be around................

As a prize for all of you that have read so far, I have included a picture of Santa Monica beach. It's also relevant to this post in that it's places and times like this that make me realize the insignificance of my worries, the triviality of human existence, and the grandeur of the universe that makes me glad to be alive.


Anonymous said...

I liked the reward you offer. That is the beauty of life! No matter what you do, finally nature soothes it all, even in it's violent form - beautifully! Whatever we do or happens to us is inconsequential on a cosmic scale.

You guessed it right!

A Gunrockite!

tnc said...

What charming optimism ;)... The quote I was going to put here is at the top of this page. The post there makes nice reading too... And here's something for a laugh... have fun...


Anonymous said...

The links you mention are both meaningful and hilarious. I am reminded of the song Hakuna Matata. It is simply fantastic!!You can listen to the English version at:


tnc said...

Thank you aunty... I like the song a lot too :)