Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Words for pictures I didn't take

Plano, Texas may not strike everyone as paradise on Earth. Yet, the careful observer is justly rewarded with visual treats.
Today, for example, as I was waiting at a red light* I looked to my right and saw a potrait worthy scene: Thin strips of coral sky shone between dark blue clouds. Horses and cows grazed peacefully in the lush green grass. A deep brown horse was at the edge of the plot, appearing to be completely at ease with the steady stream of traffic.

On another occasion, I was driving down TX-121 N towards McKinney. The sky was overcast and it was dark despite the early afternoon hour. As lightning struck, vast stretches of fields shone a hauntingly beautiful green. What a pleasure to drive on such roads!

*Headquarters Drive @ South Bound DNT.

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Anonymous said...

I have often noticed that September skies come in many beautiful hues especially during sunset. Nature "PRESENTS" to us every day, every year; for eons to come. Enjoy. Life is beautiful!!