Saturday, October 13, 2007

Choir Concert!

Anybody who calls themselves a music lover within 50 miles of the DFW metroplex really had no good excuse for not being at the Plano Civic's 35th Anniversary opening concert. Everything came together perfectly. And the music was ethereal. The acoustics in the church sanctuary are superb.

The Brahms Requiem has depth and breadth of emotion. It is a mass for the dead, but Brahms wrote it to comfort the living. Even as a non-Christian I find the words inspiring.
And he wrote every single voice part thoughtfully. The alto part is as interesting as, if not more than, the soprano part. We all worked very hard and gave it our best. The fugue in the third movement is pure genius.

The turnout was decent, but really there could have been twice as many. I'm appalled at the lame excuses people gave me for not showing up. I didn't push anyone to attend either. I hold this music too sacred to beg anyone to come hear it, because it isn't about me being on stage. It's about 125+ people making music together. Really, it's their loss.
For $20, you get to hear divine music performed to the standards held by philharmonic orchestras, in a beautiful church. This is the kind of piece that you don't get the feel for in your CD player. It has to be heard live. We even had a lovely poster as you can see below.

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Usha said...

Ah! Now I know what you've been busy with. I was wondering at the absolute silence from your end. Good to know you get time to work on your music enough to still get on stage! Keep it up!

Vijaya Gopal said...

I loved reading your blog and am happy for you as you are back on stage after exactly a decade in the same LONE STAR state. We are proud of you!!


Akshay Rajagopalan said...

Hope the performance went off well!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I literally 'felt' being inside the church. Really wish I were there to listen to the music.


Harita said...

hey! So your concert is over already! Would have loved to have been there. Did anyone make a recording?