Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Every drop in our Blue-planet counts!

What is the weather like these days in the twin cities - Secunderabad & Hyderabad?

Just take a look at your backyard or a community garden in the vicinity. Do you notice a change in the flowering or fruiting pattern of neem or mango? Yes. Apparently, there is a clear shift in the average temperature, of all seasons. It is now a mixed bag - ever changing and dynamic. An aftermath for which we are the cause.

I vividly recall the winters of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad which had a direct bearing on the skin quality making it mandatory for a nice oil massage followed by a steam bath with water from a copper boiler fired with coal. The cold-shivering winters, which lasted approximately for 6-8 weeks, made the purchase and use of woolen sweaters/shawls from the Numaish* an absolute must and customary. However, this is no longer so. As mentioned, I cannot predict what is in store for us this year. Cherished memories are forever!

‘Climate crisis’ is a global challenge and not a mere passing phrase in glossy magazines or newspaper columns. A fairly recent report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) illustrates very clearly that climate variations caused as a result of global warming is primarily the result of all human activities. It stresses upon the fact that greenhouse gases such as CO2 and NO2 release are on the rise. The average temperature is continuing to rise or fall to a level that has already resulted in disturbance of stability in climate patterns across the continents. A direct impact on agriculture is already evident.

We depend entirely on the earth’s shared-resources for our day-to-day living. A change in attitude, the urgent need to adapt to changing climatic conditions and strong desire to leave a cleaner planet for the future generation is enough impetus to initiate work towards building a cleaner and more hospitable planet. It is imperative that we prepare for this change and see how we can tackle this issue to our best ability. A long term solution to mitigate the repercussions of climate change is foreseeable. The decision is purely ours.

I reiterate that change is inevitable and nature is dynamic. Quick! Action warranted. How does it matter to which world you belong! Make it a habit now. The solution is with us. I reiterate - Arise & Awake! Better late than never!

NOBLE GIANTS Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Al Gore. Both deserve to be awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!

Remove Stress & Save the Earth

*The All India Industrial Exhibition at Exhibition grounds every January

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Anonymous said...

I wish people would open their eyes. Something drastic should happen to shake them up thoroughly!

Very nicely written.