Sunday, November 18, 2007

On how "interesting" recipes originate...

It is my last week as a full time resident of Texas. I have the important task of finishing up existing food supplies before I move. I purchased a frozen vegetable "gumbo" mix, consisting of okra, onions, sweet corn and red bell peppers. I heated safflower oil in a non stick pan, when the phone rang.

While on the phone, I added green chillies and the vegetables, as well as salt, sesame seeds and tomato paste*. Talking to my friend, I distractedly added a generous cup of water to the pan. Then the okra began to become "sticky sticky goo goo". To salvage the situation, I added a generous tablespoon of chickpea flour**. I had to constantly scrape the bottom of the pan so that the contents wouldn't stick . The scraping also helps distribute the heat uniformly.

In the end it turned out quite good, if I may say so myself. I had cooked the "special wild rice blend" available at health food stores. It is a mixture of wild rice, brown rice, red lentils, green lentils, black lentils and navy beans. It's chewy texture perfectly compliments the vegetable medley!

* An already opened can, transfered to a glass jar in the refrigerator. Definitely not a pack and move candidate.
** a.k.a besan a.ka. kadala maavu. A lovely trick my grandmother taught me almost 8 years back, when I ran to her help after adding water to okra...and adding some more, thinking that would help the already sticky situation I had created.


Anonymous said...

It's so much fun to just cook things up as you go on!


Usha said...

babe, why is ur blog always full of cooking and eating?

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's filled with eating coz it's one of the most interesting things to do!


Sara said...

Interesting to know.