Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweet Memories Y1983 - Y2008!!

The letters in gold mark our silver year, a milestone year transcending into GOLD!!

1. Genesis – From the cozy HOME nestled in the rocks of ADDAGUTTA! Obeisance to my lovely parents!
2. The HOME that could be reached only after enjoying a long climb and whiff of mountain air turning cheeks pink. Thanks to the rough terrain, no easy reach for even the ENFIELD!
3. Where chutneys and ingredients for adai/idli were stone ground and aromas from the tastiest food rose! Long lasting and lingering memories!
4. The HOME that knew how to blend the finest of drinks for men or women, be it XXX or Blue Riband or even the Bacardi :)
5. A HOME that listened to the choicest of GHAZALS, WORLD MUSIC, KARNATIC/HINDUSTANI/ANYTHING under, above and around the ROCKS! Sounds of all creatures great and small. Sounds of music from an assembled music deck. Sounds of the Sitar! Sound of vocal music while food was being cooked! Sounds of a lullaby, vanji paatu! What more could you ask for? I didn’t even have to go to Kerala every year. Everything was under this cozy roof!
6. The best views of the unpolluted skies on a summer night! No peeing restrictions!
7. 1983: The HOME that traveled to Tirumala Hills to make THE “tie the knot” possible!
8. February 1984: Work-place being the second home, values in life evolve; weaves in and out and expands constantly; strongly making an influence and impact! Nothing happens in isolation! Learning happens continuously!
9. August 1984: When the first-born (Googoo baby) was nurtured and loved
10. Always: When my Granny had some knick-knacks or the other for the young and old alike; Vicks, kalkandam or Kismis
11. 1984: A HOME in Habshiguda basically an Annexe of our home in Addagutta;
12. Addagutta being the starting template for all further amplifications into the silver anniversary year, culturally and biologically only to make life that much more meaningful!
13. Values from being with people at home who constantly encourage and support your ambitions; those who nurture and cherish values!
14. From being with people at work and those who constantly inspire you and slowly gaining the ability and confidence to inspire others around you and leaving a mark that would emerge as footprints on the sands of time.
15. Granny’s Good advice that paved the way to the second-born (G. I. Joe) only to make life more enriching for the first-one and US (not USA)! Pun intended.
16. 1992: Genesis of 77-78, GUNROCK; choosing to call ourselves GUNROCKITES! You see rocks are made of Reliable, solid-sturdy stuff! Where parents from both sides lived inside the WHITE-HOUSE harmoniously!
17. 1998-99: When Challen (imagine a C embracing all the other letters (in red) exactly as it is inside the piano) graced our home; the thrills it gave us each time it was being tuned by Piano-Mathews!
18. Challen emanating sweet melodies and compositions of CHOPIN, SCHUBERT, School song etc while embracing the strains emanating from a copy of the Stradivarius/Amati and how music, especially SPRING (Beethoven’s composition) and very much my favourite, still continues to fill our lives no matter where we go. Memories remain giving way to sweet NOSTALGIA; keeping us alive and sane! Corelli being my next favourite composer.
19. 2005: A bird flies out across the Atlantic choosing an altogether different path and making a mark in the world of FINANCE!
20. All the time: Life made even more wholesome by continued encouragement from all my siblings with diverse interests and their families. Search engines especially Google Needs special mention. They are my next best SIBS. Do I thank them? Is there someone in the Cyberspace to receive my compliments? Enough if someone reads this and leaves a comment, would it suffice! Plain courtesy when one knocks on ones door – just say Hi! Or leave a smiley! Costs next to nothing :)
21. August 2006: Replaced the dying DataMini (affectionately referred to as DataMani) that refused to be an Iyer with Hewlitt Packard PC which has been my constant companion allowing me to connect with the world all the time. Do I have to say something about Friedman? The World is Flat- everybody knows that and no one will sue you for saying that!
22. October 2006 & January, 2007: My daughter’s gifts for my Golden birthday – A camcorder and AlGore’s AIT respectively– refer to an earlier blog of mine on AIT. Able to make some nice videos with choppu camera! Editing takes time though.
23. Sept. 2007: The best non-fiction book that I have read in a long time; Richard Dawkins: THE GOD DELUSION! According to me, it could be a solution to current world problems if read in the right perspective. My strong advice to you is to read it before you delude yourself even more! Plan to write a review.
24. January 2008: First Indian research grant; Better late than never!
25. All the time: Kudos to the strongman (a.k.a PAPLU) for being a solid support these 25 years. How can I be without YOU!!

I have intentionally listed out only 25; could add even more but guess I will stop for now.

Could not wait until 23rd May 2008 and therefore this EPIC.


Anonymous said...

Mommmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! What a life! … I love your golden blog! Thanks to my Great Granny


Googoo Baby said...

Lovely entry...will cherish it forever........