Thursday, May 29, 2008

Channel Islands National Park - Anacapa Island

On a fine spring afternoon, we climbed on to a boat from the Oxnard harbor, and headed out to Anacapa Island. Channel Islands National Park is off the coast of Southern California's Ventura and Santa Barbara counties; it is composed of five islands including Anacapa Island.

Our first glimpse of this island was this beautiful rock formation, decorated with nitrogen rich guano.

Also visible is the lighthouse. It's historical significance is detailed on the National Park Service's website

Due to the absence of large predators on the island, seagulls use it as a rookery.

Notice the mother watching over her eggs. If you had been there, you would have heard her loud, brave cries; her desperate attempt to guard her chicks from the noisy human intruders!

A simply gorgeous view of the island, as close to panoramic as I could get without knowing how to use that feature of my camera!

Do you see her mottled eggs? Also observe the distinctive red spot on the beak.

Blue seas and pink flowers. What's not to love!

The seagull and I pause for a moment and contemplate the wonders of this world.

Cathedral Cove:

Look closely, and you will see dolphins frolicking in the bottom half of the picture.

In the distance, the central and western portion of the island are visible. These are not open to human explorers except in rare circumstances. (Contact NPS for details)

Inspiration Point. I feel I have accomplished my purpose on this planet just by witnessing the grand simplicity of this sight.

Careful now, watch for that steep cliff face!

Goodbye to the island. After hiking along the 1.5 mile trail, we were ready to descend. We took the rusted iron staircase to the landing where the Vanguard awaited us. It was a cool, pleasant ride, with fine mists of spray making their way onto the upper deck.

Almost as though we were emerging from a dream, we dragged our happy tired feet to the car.

Due to the sheer beauty of this island, several pictures we took have overlapping themes.
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Anonymous said...

So beautifully written! Some sentences seem so magical! Who could pen them but you?!

You know who I am:)

Surprise! (now u undoubtedly know who i am!)

Vijaya Gopal said...

Artistically laid out pictures! When I emerged out of the last picture, I realised my tour of the islands had come to a close. Truly MAGICAL!

Akshay Rajagopalan said...

Great write-up and even better photos! Some of these look professional.

Giti said...

"The seagull and I pause for a moment and contemplate the wonders of this world." LOL! You crack me up!

Love this post for the gorgeous photos and for writing that is lyrical and tongue-in-cheek, all at once.

Googoo Baby said...

Thank you all for your generous praise and encouragement, it makes my heart smile!

Harita said...

gorgeous! The pictures and the words.

Usha said...

Lovely pics! I get to see soe lovely parts of the US through your blog!