Saturday, November 01, 2008

Long time no blog must make something up

My right hand is currently encased in an immobilizer*. Means two things:-
1. Foll. Murphy's law, I have a flurry of ideas demanding to be written down....
2. I can't write with my left hand; so I type instead. Which means economy of words. No long sentences written by a mad frenzy of 10 fingers across the keyboard.

I realized that storytellers have some things in common.**
I, for one, repeat myself all the time. But I try to vary the story with each repetition. A good Chinese friend of mine has a story about a German, American and a retarded Chinese guy constructing a house in a forest. Oh...there's our colleague from Montreal...let's make that German, Canadian and retarded Chinese....Wait...there's our Chinese buddy who hates being branded with stereotypes about Chinese (my friend has a large supply of them) let's make it Chinese without the prefix. On the next telling, we might have a few Telugu guys with us. Then the story becomes about an Indian IT guy, a Canadian, and a retarded Chinese.
Why, you may ask, does the Chinese have to be the retarded one? Per my friend, if you make fun of you own race, it's stand up comedy...if somebody else does it, it's racism.

So much for original ideas. Whole post about someone else. So I may as well finish the story.The 3 men go into a forest and want to build a house. The first is responsible for design, the second for construction, and the third man is in charge of supplies. The third man is dispatched to do his part, only to disappear for 3 days. When 1&2 are about to pack up their camping gear*** and leave, the Chinese guy jumps from behind a bush and yells "SUPPLIES!!!" If you don't get the joke; the premise of the joke is that Chinese can't pronounce the R sound and confuse it with the L sound.

*Mild tendonitis
**Anecdotal, observational evidence only.
***My little embellishment

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