Friday, December 26, 2008

Meandering in Singapore

This post is titled as such only because I am writing it at 6 am on Dec 27 (Singapore time) in the morning in Singapore. What I actually want to announce to the world is a stunning realization about myself.

I've had a lot of quiet time to reflect in the last week. I'd wrapped up "work", as in the kind I get paid to do, left the packing to the movers, and thanks to a hacking cough and my best friend being out of the US, had spent most of my time talking to myself instead of other people.

I've come to realize that I've changed a lot over the few years. The inner reserve of strength that was always there in me has overcome my anxious nature for the most part.

Example 1: Today, I landed in Singapore at about 1.45 am. My research, which had indicated that as an Indian national with a valid US visa, I'm allowed to stay in Singapore w/o a visa for 4 days, was confirmed. I was through immigration in 5 minutes. I was supposed to be picked up by my mother's friend. A quick survey did not reveal her. Neither could I get through to any of her multiple phones; I tried calling from my cell phone as well as a credit card accepting pay phone. (I obviously wanted to rule out the possibility of my cell phone acting weird)
If this had happened a while ago, my first reaction would have been to cry, then wake up my parents from their deep slumber. However, if I might preen a little bit; after I waited for an hour, I checked into an airport lounge, paid up a nominal sum of thirty Singapore dollars, took a shower, partook of their snacks and emailed my mother saying all was well. I also snoozed for a little bit - a full night's sleep is obviously impossible while I'm confusing my body with odd meals at odd times, running around, bright lights and planes - and here I am, bright and cheery, composing this post while planning my strategy for the day.
My first option will be to try to contact my mother's friends once it is a reasonable hour. The second will be to sign up for one of them city tours. Praise the lord for internationally accepted US credit cards.*
I've realized it's a lot more fun to be solution oriented. Now if can only keep reminding myself of that every day!

Example 2: Remaining completely unflappable while the movers packed all the breakable stuff without much packing material! Of course, I made sure my piano was safe :-)

Maybe all this is just the side affect of the hacking cough...I don't have energy to worry!! But maybe I have actually changed. Who knows? Anyway, time for sleep deprived me to try my hand at yet another random post!!!

*Don't forget to notify them in advance, though, lest they block your card for aberrant international activity!

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