Friday, December 26, 2008

My thoughts on our new choir director

Most of the readers of this blog have already been forwarded innumerable articles regarding the choir I'm part of. For my own sake though, I want to make note of a few techniques we received under her guidance that have worked wonders.

1. Big eyes! Surprise! This expression helps center the pitch and stay in tune.

2. Let the sound fill up the whole resonating cavity - the mouth and above. Achieve this by rounding out vowels and making sure there's lots of space in the mouth. This technique gives beautiful color to notes that are in the start of my head voice range - previously a weak point for me.

3. For higher notes, pretend you are biting into a huge apple. Throw the note out there. Make noises like a cat while practicing it at home. Don't even bother with consonants. This has helped increase my range by at least 2 whole tones.

4. Breathe into the vowel of the first syllable of the song. This prevents jarring entrances. There's no need to pounce on a note unless the style calls for it - glide into it gently.

5. For huge intervals, place an almost impercetible gap between the 2 notes. This prevents "slide" and actually sounds clean and polished.

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Vijaya Gopal said...

Sounds interesting!
You should give these tips to the groups out here as there is always scope for refinement!