Saturday, February 14, 2009

I started V-day by going to bed. That's right. I arrived home at 1.30 am from a party, had an "early" breakfast of cereal and went to bed. At 7.40 am, I rose again to go to my chiropractor. And on my way there I saw my Valentine's day present. I was driving west on the 118 from Simi Valley to Camarillo when I caught a glimpse of white mountains to the north. I thought I was dreaming. Surely that's just plastic sheets the farmers put over the hills to protect their crops? But that particular hill has never had crops, right?? Once the road curved to the south, I was treated to a panoramic view in my rear view mirror - snow covered mountains!! A whole range of them!!!

I can't describe to you how happy I was, looking at the lush green hills with the mists slowly rising over them in the south (visible through my windshield), and then alternately looking into the rear view mirror to see snow covered mountains with streaks of tan* running through them. What a great Saturday to be up and about early in the morning!

I felt further rewarded when on the drive back, about 4 hours later**, the snow appeared to have largely melted. I went home, relaxed in bed, and spoke to a few friends.

Later in the evening I went down to the Simi Town Center Mall. Treated myself to a cozy spot in front of the fireplace and later bought a tiramisu ice-cream. Only in So-Cal do we sit in front of a fireplace one minute and go eat ice-cream the next.

Of late, there is a lot of gloom and doom about the sky falling on the Californian economy. The insane tax rates certainly hurt, and I have been known to complain about them on many occasions. The state of Colorado has even launched a campaign to woo Californians on Valentine's day, promising lower taxes, lower cost of living and better quality of life. But today's drive makes it all seem worthwhile, at least for now. So-Cal is paradise on earth. Snow capped mountains, lush green hills and crystal clear blue skies in winter; sandy hills, earth colored mountains and shimmering haze in summer; and the Pacific Ocean all year round..

* the color of the hills to the north of Simi when there is no vegetation or precipitation.
** I went shopping post my chiropractor visit.

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Vijaya Gopal said...

...natural beauty has no substitute -ever! In fact life is in itself a PRESENT - so it is V-day each day if you want to put it that way :) !

At Gunrock, our backyard is literally a birds paradise; today we spotted at least 20-30 V-birds perched up on the cotton tree and another leguminous tree growing outside our compound wall! Maybe it was V-day for the birds at 77/78 :)