Friday, July 24, 2009

Emotional Associations

Have you ever relived the memory of life changing events through re-discoveries of books you were reading or music you were listening to at that time? Even today, I cannot listen to Bach's cello suites without recollecting my first two months in Plano, having just moved there from India. Lack of mobility and unfamiliarity with a new environment meant that I spent most weeknights with books and CDs I'd picked up from the public library. I particularly favored Pablo Casals' cello suites. The soulful single line melody, punctuated occasionally by double stops, pierced right through my heart.

At that time, I also borrowed every single P.G Wodehouse book I could find in the library. Reading these old, familiar tales allowed me to relive sitting in the Gunrock backyard, or lounging on my white plastic chair in the hostel room. It was comforting to lose myself in idyllic tales from a time and place I never experienced in person. Old habits die hard. When I moved from Plano to Simi Valley, one of the first things I did was to become a member of the local library and check out a Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus.

Going back even further in time to when I was preparing for IIT, the song "Mayadaari Maisamma" became popular as the default Bonalu song to be blasted through loudspeakers ad-infinitum. Whenever I hear or think about this song, I also think about sitting on my study table with a stack of Math, Physics and Chemistry books, struggling with some extra hard problems and trying to block out all other external stimuli!!

Do any of you have similar experiences? Please do share them with me!
P.S. Don't worry too much about factual accuracy. Our memories are notorious for fuzzing over reality with a "recollected" version of the truth.

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Vijaya Gopal said...

Ya Preeti. I too remember vividly. Bonalu and your studies go hand in hand. Come in July and relive those memories with Maisamma :)!

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