Saturday, August 01, 2009

Summer days are here again – Read Enid Blyton!

And what a train of thoughts!

Cleaning up the bookshelves that hold Enid Blyton’s, brings back memories of my Marredpally summer days. I am transported to the late 60’s and early 70’s when my sisters, brother and cousins would lounge in the verandah sofas, after a 3-course meal that invariably concluded with peeled, diced Banginapally + curd rice. In the evening, the smell of jasmines filled the garden air. Our most favourite pastime was of course climbing and sitting on the mango tree.

This tree is very much there and fruits Dasheri-like variety every alternate year if I remember right Preeti. Many a time, it was a fruit or thenkuzhal (my Mom used to make and store them in large biscuit tins) on the right hand and a Famous Five or Dennis the Menace/Phantom comics on the left. The monkey will invariably want what is on the right- right? And can get pretty aggressive too when denied of the mango. Can’t forget the glee in my brother’s eyes or the defensive curse of my niece. Yes. We had stiff competition with our ancestors for space too in case we chose to sit on the top branches!

Well, it just does not end here. Books make powerful connections with not only emotions but with the kind of food that we eat and people we associate with. Evenings were nothing but cricket of its kind, in our driveway, what with my Dad’s buddy Jaisimha just down the lane…, some aggressive batting by my neighbour’s maid who was on our side and professional batting by my brother, pads, bats, wickets, cricket ball and all…

Finally the call of my ThataSandhi neram ayaachu- time for prayers! We would obediently walk in, wash our hands and legs, put veebudhi on our foreheads in the God’s room. It still does not end here. Connections are too strong to be erased! The huge glistening brass lamp, with kumkuma gobi-pottu on freshly-ground chandanam paste, lit by my granny and when Friday evenings meant vella payasam with lots of cashewnuts made in an urali. Served only after nevidyam is over. You might find bits of tulasi, plucked from our backyard, on top of it after the poojai and then - there you go!

No dinner until homework gets done, baby!

Awesome memories----I promise a repeat narration in person!

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Joji said...

Memories...they stay forever! I love the 'taste of thinking' of childhood days...