Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's to love about life?

Though I've had a rough week by several measures, here are a few things that made my heart sing:

A beautiful hummingbird appeared out of a bush as I was walking through my apartment complex last weekend, and flew over my head to perch on a plant. It basked in the bright warm sunlight and shone green in color. One would not know it's true color until it flies out of the shadows and into the sunlight.

As I gazed out of my bedroom window yesterday evening, nature had put on a fine show for me. The sparse clouds were tinted pink by the setting sun and were strewn across a powder blue sky, resembling mineral veins in an ore rich mountain.

Today, as I drove along the freeway, I was treated to an expansive view of the mountains ahead of me through the windshield and behind me in my rear view mirror. This time, the valleys were filled with orange gray smoke, partially obscuring the landscape and shrouding the hills like a mysterious veil.

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Joji said...

Oooh Yes! Do you remember the hummingbird we saw on our way out during my stay there?! It was dazzling!