Sunday, January 31, 2010

On being inspired by The Blue moon

I look up with renewed interest each time I see the swelling moon reach out! It stirs up thoughts, feelings and brings back many memories that I cherish! I feel recharged and emotional. Exactly three years ago, we witnessed the moon dipping into Hasmatpet lake, which seemed to transform the surroundings at the crack of dawn… We can no longer go to Hasmatpet lake nearby.


She strikes the chords with so much emotion and sincerity that the creation of notes delicately fill me and the still air with doubled joy. There is a feeling of loneliness in the air too. Sadness creeps in.... Pictured voice gets fainter and distant too! A recording can capture the events but not the depth of emotions.... Can you picture what the additional dimension can do to you?

That is LIFE!

An extended winter dampened my general disposition. The lower bedroom was a low 18oC and I just disliked the thought of having to bundle up each night. At the same time, I avoided the choice of sleeping upstairs or in the TV-room that is relatively warmer, kept neat and cozy and where I can hear the faint notes of music being composed amidst e-cosmic alerts!

A crushed toe hurts (not my toe) and must feel awful when it is cold! But nothing hurts when you are in love I suppose not even the impact of a customary Teletubbie HUG? Endurance at its peak. Oh! When will I learn to endure that which cannot be cured? Will I have to wait for another solar or lunar eclipse to inspire me?

Don’t feel so lonely, I tell myself … Not worth it - many more Blue Moon’s will light up the sky! Guest who came to Durga Vihar a week ago? Didn’t feel like one. A truly doting family member all out doing something worthwhile I am sure. A person full of sensitivity and grace personified --- very inspirational. Needs are little when you wish to learn and bring about a change. Blue berries! Yes. I like them. Live your life to the fullest. Clutch not, what is not yours. Peek at the sky at twilight or dusk and think over. Ask nobody.

The birth of a new thought… awake!

Appreciation of Bach!

Thoughts and music know no words or lyrics – silent strains speak and stir!


Anonymous said...

A very beautiful expression of contemplation:) I love the choice of words and phrases:)

Usha said...

You should try your hand at poetry, if you don't do it already :) And I haven't yet sent u photos of the neelakurinji in bloom at munnar. My apologies. Will do that as soon as I can scan some good pics. I am resisting digital cameras to improve my SLR skills.