Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Golu – The Festival of Dolls!!

Just wait! It is around the corner!

I can’t tell precisely now! But, it should be worth the wait.

This year particularly, we’ve been experiencing unseasonal rains. Global warming? Yes and no. Weather has always been dynamic over eons. This is evident from the frequent power cuts and candlelight dinners lately scented by the raspberry pillar candle! Believe me, dinners are truly more special where shadows throw light in a romantic fashion giving that extra flavour to rasam. Food could not have been more delicious under such circumstances! Certainly I don’t welcome power cuts every day!

Now, with Preeti-Cymon’s latest purchase, I had a flash of thought and started to build castles in the air. Lego bricks, Biobricks, a Fantasy land or a High-rise building. Why not keep Golu when they would be here during the mango season and give them the experience afresh? Inspired by their pictures of the assembled “Lego” Castle Medieval Market Village, which indeed did take me back in time- my childhood- I envisioned… and recollected how I dragged my grandpa at night to buy a few dolls for our Golu! A turbaned man with a drum – just cant forget that particular doll. Indeed I am fond of percussion instruments.

It is always such a joy to add a few new ones and arrange dolls from yesteryears as you immediately connect with people whom you spend time with. This brings in a nice feeling and, I guess, a good way to relax. Real Social networking indeed- face-to-face with chundal! So delicious! But of course we so easily adapt to virtual substitutes. Undoubtedly this is nowhere equal to calling your close friends and children for vethalai-paaku and chundal in ‘newspaper-potlams’, sorry paper cones, all for a song or two before the dolls! What fun!

Such thoughts have in fact kept me sane, alive and excited. Though someone well meaning remarked that I lost a “Life-time opportunity” - it certainly does not matter, as there is something more exciting to look forward to! Summer of 2011.

Welcome Cymon into the heart of India where LOVE was born!

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Joji said...

I simply can't wait to be amidst all that excitement with my loved ones!!! Come soon!