Friday, March 25, 2011

Who thought Swiss chard could taste this good?

My husband, being the caring soul that he is, donated blood today. In anticipation of the iron his body needs, I bought a bunch of swiss chard to feed him afterward. I separated the leaves from the thick red stems, since I knew they would cook at different speeds. Here is how I cooked them, with surprisingly good results:

Swiss chard - stems
I steamed these in the rice cooker steamer basket, a convenient way to use the steam generated by the rice cooking process.
I boiled the softened stems with red lentils (cooked in advance), a teaspoon of rasam powder, and salt to taste.

Swiss chard - leaves
I fried a finely chopped red onion in coconut oil with a few green chillies, half a teaspoon of powdered cumin, and a pinch of powdered black pepper and asafoetida. Once the onion was nicely browned, I added finely chopped swiss chard leaves to the cast iron pan, sprinkled salt and water, and cooked covered on medium heat until the leaves were half cooked. Then, I stirred the leaves around a bit, sprinkled coconut powder and cooked it some more until the leaves turned a deep green.

My husband gulped down both dishes with hot basmati rice.


Ritu Gopal said...

So so expertly described! To the blood donor- so cute!

Giti said...

Sounds yummy, Preeti! I eat Swiss chard now and then, but with these recipes I might actually enjoy it. My work cafeteria sells locally grown produce sometimes and they had Swiss chard a couple weeks ago. Will be on the lookout for it to try it your way. :P

Vijaya Gopal said...

Reminds me of Keerai thandu which I love in Sambar!
Sounds Swidelicious!